is eos better than ethereum

Given how quickly blockchain technology evolves, any initiative might destabilize the entire ecosystem. Overall, we must bear in mind that the blockchain industry is a fast-paced environment, and there is no apparent method to accurately foresee any new trends. It’s critical to keep up with cryptocurrency news and conduct thorough research on projects. Solidity, the platform’s contract-oriented language, was created by Ethereum developers. Smart contracts on EOS are often written in C++, although developers can use any language with a compiler that transforms bytecode into web assembly.

is eos better than ethereum

However, it might take some time for the platform to catch up with Ethereum regarding user adoption and usage. EOSIO is designed to be more scalable and user-friendly than Ethereum. It supports faster transactions, with the network able to handle more than one million transactions per second (TPS). This is compared to the 17.51 TPS that Ethereum can currently process. Once the user has purchased the EOS token in the initial phase, they will not be required to pay any transaction fee or network development fees. EOS will take up the ownership form which will allow EOS token holders to get a share in network bandwidth, processing power, and storage proportionately.

How To Trade ETH and EOS With PrimeXBT

The future of EOS as a blockchain network looks bright as the project team and community develop innovative solutions to secure its future and position in the blockchain industry. Its blockchain protocol has low is eos better than ethereum demand usage as to the Ethereum network, which is famous for its high user base. EOS blockchain network is steadily growing in developments and innovations and is popularly referred to as the Ethereum Killer.

The EOS blockchain has less mainstream buzz than the Ethereum network, so its price predictions are few and far between. However, experts predict the coins to reach as much as a thousand times their current value. Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies might seem like they are only assets for investors, but that is only a piece of what the technology offers.


The amount dwarfed the amounts most other projects received from their ICOs. So to decrease expenses, LiquidApps set about creating a second-layer protocol for EOS. EOS’s ICO (initial coin offering) raised $4 billion in EOS sales by Q2 of 2018.

is eos better than ethereum

Not only this, but hundreds of cryptocurrency tokens have been built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and it is also home to over a thousand dApps. The Ethereum project became the first blockchain protocol to install something called ‘smart contract’ technology, which allows strangers to agree on a trustless environment. The technology is based on pre-defined conditions and once these are met, the smart contract can release the funds automatically without the help of an intermediary. EOS.IO is another smart contract platform that has been overshadowed by Ethereum. Their mission is similar to Cardano’s in that they both aim to be scalable PoS blockchains for enterprise applications. Though EOS.IO claims to host thousands of commercial-scale dApps, its DeFi ecosystem is barren in reality.

EOS vs Ethereum: Differences

The future may be uncertain, but the competition between Ethereum and EOS will surely be exciting for crypto enthusiasts. We’ll be the first to report on major developments to help you make the best investment decision. On the other hand, EOS will continue to provide its users with a fast and efficient platform for building dApps.